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UPDATE – November 2019

Lili has earned her Herding Championship title on October 19, 2019. We are so proud!

Watch Lili on You Tube search “Double R Liliana”.

Double “R” Liliana

November 2018

We brought Liliana (Lili) home in June 2016 she told us she wanted to be named after her mother Double “R” Annie.  She has been the perfect pet from day one, she is a very sweet, funny, loving dog and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.  Thank you, Roy. A success, even if that were all, there is to the story!

Lili’s herding instinct is well developed, and she loves nothing more than tending to livestock. We began her herding training in November 2016, and we entered her into the pre-trial level in October 2017.  We began competition in May 2018 and October 2018 in Burlington NJ, Bangor PA, and Birdsboro PA.

She has now earned three AKC titles the highest being A Course Sheep Advanced and is earning points toward her AKC Championship Title.  She is also currently competing on the B course (sheep and ducks). She has won numerous 1st, and 2nd place awards in sheep and all of her qualifying A Course Duck runs (5) have earned her blue ribbons (1st place). Also, Lili has won numerous High in Trial awards at these events.

I would like to offer a special thank you to Lili’s trainer/handler Karen Malloy, Toms River NJ (The Shepherds’ Inn Bed & Biscuit) who has brought this young dog so far in such a short time.

Double “R” Lacey

January 12, 2019

Hi Roy,

Here is a picture of Lacey. Her parents are Diesel and Nada and she was born on October 6, 2018. She is 14 weeks old today and is such a great puppy. This picture was taken at a friend’s property that we like to take her to run around. She is so smart and is learning more every day! We’ve only had her for 8 weeks but now we can’t imagine our life without her in it. She brings smiles to our faces every day and makes us laugh all the time, she is such a goofy girl. Right now her favourite game is fetch and she is learning to catch frisbees. We want to thank you again for our girl and for breeding and raising such great dogs that bring so much joy to the lives of people like us.

Lacey lives with David & Lorna Slaunwhite in Mount Uniacke, NS.

Double “R” Bo

Hi Roy,

I’m so sorry that it took me this long to contact you. I have one of your pups, Bo. He’s not a pup anymore: he will be turning 6 on April 25! Bo placed 10th in August at the Agility Association of Canada National in Nanaimo, BC. This is the most competitive division in agility so you should be proud of your boy. We love to train and Bo gives me 150% every time we step into the ring. Thank you for him. We are learning together as a team. I don’t know what my world would be like if we didn’t have him in our lives. I was hoping to see you when we were competing your way in September. Hope to see you soon! We are proud of our Double R Border Collie!

Double “R” (Belle, Rose, Lexi, Jaxyn, Dexter,)

Hi Roy,

This is our Double R Border Collie family! Front right is 8 year old Belle (Sire-Roger, Dam-Lucy). The 2 sisters in the chairs Rose on the left and Lexi on the right who are 2 years old (Sire-Otis, Dam-Annie) On the stool in the middle is our 5 1/2 month old baby girl Jaxyn (Sire-Jim, Dam-Jacquie) and front left is our 5 1/2 month old baby boy Dexter (Sire-Otis, Dam-Cenaida) These 5 along with their 4 other siblings (Tupper, Cooper, Harley and Pepper) bring the biggest smile to our faces everyday. Each one if them has the best temperament and individual personalities that are quite amazing. They all enjoy the frisbee and running on the farm. Doing chores and just hanging out with each other. We love them all, and highly recommend Double R Border Collies! Thanks Roy for breeding such beautiful dogs. The Elward and Rhindress Family

Double “R” Lady

Hi Roy,

 We purchased Lady from you in August 2010. She is out of Double R Lacy by Jim. I have been training with her in Obedience and Tracking. I have attached a photo after our first obedience show at River Vally Obedience Club, Fredericton, NB in July. She won 4 firsts and highest aggregate score plus completed her Companion Dog title. This weekend we will test for TD. Thank you so much for choosing her for us. Cathy and Barry Stevens

Double “R” Melo

Dear Roy,

Double R Melo has quickly found his place in amongst our busy lives, and learned right away how to do basic obedience before your average puppy. At first he was a little timid of other dogs but soon decided that it was fun to roughhouse and play with fellow puppies. Melo enjoys learning new things and has already mastered an array of tricks from jumping through hoops to catching a Frisbee in midair. Although Melo has a large mental capacity and loves attention he insists that no one should be getting up before 9:00am and that an afternoon nap is completely necessary. Everywhere Melo goes he has an entourage of onlookers due to his stylish look of one ear up and one ear down, he has even won a cutest pet photo contest because of it. Melo never fails to amaze us with his abilities to charm and please everyone he meets; he is a happy, healthy and rambunctious dog now at 1 ½ years old. Thank you Roy for bringing Melo into our lives Stephanie White Nova Scotia .

Double “R” Shep

Hi Roy,

I’ve been meaning to get this picture to you of Shep moving our sheep. Although a good portion of the sheep can’t be seen in the picture, Shep, at 8 months, is moving close to 100 North County Cheviots. He has been a great asset to our farm. He has also made a great family dog. He loves playing with the kids but lives for moving sheep. He and Lucy (the other BC we got from you) get along great. When we use Lucy on the sheep we have Shep tied so he can watch. He is learning the tricks of the herding trade from her. We have a few more pictures, including this one, on our website as well. Thanks again for all the training with Shep and myself. He and Lucy have made moving the sheep a real pleasure
Ian Spence.
Katian Farm Ltd. .

Maggie and Ruckus.


Two years after purchasing our beautiful and extremely intelligent rough coated tri-colored female Border Collie Maggie from you in August, 2005, Crystal and I began to think about getting a second dog, and only a Double R would do. After a few conversations with you to outline what we were hoping for in a second dog, and taking your generous, knowledgeable advice, we are so very, very pleased with our soft coated male Ruckus, who will be three years old on April 19, 2010. The two dogs get along just great (Maggie is the alpha), and they are a continuous source of pleasure for us. Watching the interactions between them in the house, walking in town on leads, or walking off-lead in the woods, they never cease to amaze us. As you so clearly stated at the time of purchase, Ruckus, as a male, would likely be calmer, kinder and more loving; he is. At their vet check-ups in the early fall, Maggie weighed 42 lbs, while Ruckus was a few ounces short of 45 lbs; both are all muscle, no fat. To any other Double R owners who may be considering buying another Border Collie, we can state with certainty that it will entail twice the cost for food, vet, and boarding if necessary due to vacations, but the pay-off comes in enjoyment and pleasure; it does not simply double as would be expected, but increases at least four-fold. Proud owners of two Double R Border Collies s
John and Crystal Springhill NS. .

Double “R” Chase

Hello Roy,

hope this email finds you in good health and still just up the road. We adopted chase from you three years ago, she is truly a wonderful dog, we thank you every day for your training skills with her. She is six this year and in good health. Many Thanks.
Susan & Chuck Mora.
New Germany NS. .


Double “R” Jayce

Jayce is quite simply a beautiful puppy. Given that Jayce is the off-spring of Jim and Grace, it is no wonder. He has a very sweet personality, and is quite sensible for such a young dog. Extremely intelligent, he picks up on verbal and non-verbal cues easily. This makes training fun and fast. Jayce’s list of tricks, games and “life skills” is long and on-going, critical to keeping a BC mind active and occupied. Add, yes, he’s a BC through and through, energetic, active, busy, and smart. We’ve started working on foundation skills for Agility, which he thinks is great fun. His structure, good health, drive and focus will take him far in this sport. Sheep herding may also be in his future. Although showing excellent potential for a brilliant Agility career, Jayce is first and foremost a member of the family, getting along well with the other dogs (and cats) in the house. Very social, he loves to greet people and other dogs, and does so appropriately, a trait he was born with. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He’s my little buddy. Thank you, Roy!
Ann MacLean, Grant Desert, NS .

Double “R” Rodeo

We could not love a dog anymore then we love Rodeo “AKA Rodeo Clown”, because he is so funny. He fits in with our lifestyle perfectly. He loves to go for drives, walks, play fetch and do the horse chores (he doesn’t miss a chance to go to the barn). He is the perfect horse riding partner. I can’t believe how well he listens and how quickly he learns. We went to obedience class when he was 6 months old, and he was the “star” of the class – he won all the games that we played. He has taught our older dog how to box and our other dog how to wrestle. He has certainly made our older dogs younger, and he has made us laugh a lot. He is the greatest!! Thanks so much Roy!! We will definitely be owning another Double “R” Border Collie in the future.
Grant and Heather Best.
Halls Harbour, NS .

Double “R” Lucy

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Lucy is doing fantastic. She has really fit in well with the family. Work wise, a few weeks ago we used her to put the rams with their 4 different flocks. It went so smooth with Lucy helping. We had one incident last week were one flock got through a gate and in with the other flock. This would normally be disastrous as it would be impossible to sort them again and we wouldn’t be able to tell which ram sired which lambs (we run a purebred flock). Lucy quickly put them in a pen, we re-sorted them, and all was well again. We’ve also been moving them from field to field while feeding hay. It’s been quite a chore in the past, but is a real pleasure with Lucy. Our two great pyrenese have also come to accept her as part of our crew. Thank you again for entrusting us with Lucy.
Ian Spence
Katian Farm Ltd. .

Double “R” Tess

Tess is just over a year old now. She has proven to be a ‘ people friendly ‘ dog. The mail carriers throw a stick,garbage men rub her belly,neighbours stop and visit with her,visitors to our home find themselves throwing a favourite toy as a game of catch is her obsessive goal. We adopted a kitten and they have become great buddies as well as partners in mischief. We live in rocky northern Manitoba and Tess can climb rocks as well as show her great speed racing across a frozen lake. Tess is very smart with a keen adapting personality. I was nervous using the internet to find a border collie as there is a lot of trust involved in this method. Thank you to Roy who we found to be honest, caring and knowledgeable. He chose Tess for us and she is the right fit for our household.
Brian and Kathy Flin Flon,Mb. .

Double “R” Siku

“Siku” (body of ice in Inuttitut language) Name so fitting living near the Arctic Circle. We got Siku as a puppy last year from “Jed and “Grace” the parents. Siku is a very energic, playful dog living in Pangnirtung, Baffin Island just 535 Km`s away from the ice covered Greenland coastline.
When I contacted double “R” last year, I was fixed on what I was looking for in a dog. A dog that would not be shy of the Arctic environment and at the same time, a dog we can have as a friend here in our home and on many of our camping, fishing and outdoor trips. “Siku” has been everything I wanted….and more! We have had Siku just over 7 months now and we look forward to many wonderful years together as we venture and travel the great outdoors of our Territory. Now dont let the nice thick hair of Siku fool you, he is a very fast energetic dog who loves running and is very playful! I may be wrong, but I believe Siku is the most northerly member of your great double “R” border collie family yet. Just Kilometers below the Arctic Circle he has crossed it by Snowmobile he is growing fast and is a beautiful dog. With many thanks we remain.

Honourable Peter Kilabuk and Family.
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
MLA for Pangnirtung

Double “R” Pickles.


My dog Pickles came from your breed of border collies 11 years ago! She loves everyone she meets, Pickles is a big, longhaired and LAZY dog. She enjoys unrapping presents at christmas and going in the truck with me to plow snow. Double “R” Border collies are the way to go, I plan to have another one very soon! Thanks,
Cody Hanley New Brunswick .

Double “R” Sasha & Harley

My Tribute to Double R Scottie….. I remember Scottie from the local exhibitions and seeing him herd the ducks, It was at that moment that I decided I wanted a Border Collie. So we went up to “just look” and yes we picked Sasha out she was 3 weeks old and she was one of Scotties many pups. She is beautiful and she looks just like her father Scottie, I actually think she was cloned from him, the only difference is that Scottie had the more male features where our Sasha has the female features. So since our Sasha we have adopted another one of Double r pups, this one his name is Harley, He is not one of Scotties but man he is also smart. So thanks to the wonderful and Smart Scottie because of him we have border collies and I can honestly say there will be no other breed that we will adopt. Thank you Scottie for leading us to border Collies. You will be greatfully missed. We love you Scottie.
Sheri and Gerrard Day .

Double “R” Bodhi

Double”R” Bodhi is the most wonderful, loveable, good natured, intelligent and fun dog I have ever had. I couldn’t have even imagined he would be this great. A real gem!
Mandee Labelle 

Double “R” wee Scottie

Hi Roy,

Well our wee Scottie is now a full grown 10 months old. He is the love of our lives. I cannot imagine what our lives would be like if we didn’t have him. Our trip last September to your farm was one of the best things that ever happened to us. And to think we almost missed him. We consider ourselves to be very lucky. Scottie is the most personable dog, extremely friendly, a joy to have around, and has the energy of 10 normal dogs. During daylight hours, he rarely stops running, playing, chasing whatever we will throw for him, and making us laugh with his personality. He just never stops. He’s on the go always. We need a 12 year old boy. Roy, you mentioned that you were trying to breed a dog with the smarts of your Scottie, and the athletic ability of a couple of your dogs whose names I can’t remember. Well, we may have him. Chasing the Frisbee or any type ball, he is the fastest dog we have ever seen. Quick and agile, he can turn on a dime. We feel he is extremely smart, although we ourselves have not trained him as well as we know you could have. With both of us working, it is not easy. The training is coming, but, it’s a bit slow. We just wanted to tell you how happy we are and we want to thank you for letting us have him. I don’t know when, but, hopefully, we can bring him back for a visit and have him meet his parents, and siblings. Please let us know how things are in your world. We still get on your web site often and see what is going on there. Feel free to e-mail or write. Avril only has 1000 pictures or so of him. bye for now Ross, Avril and Scottie Jr.

Double “R” Pat

Hello Roy,

Its been a long while since I have talked to you,but I was on your web site this am, and I thought I would send a picture of my favorite buddy,PAT, I believe you will remember him as Bruno. Anyway I have a real gem of a dog,very smart,loves the truck,play ball ,fresbey, swimming, the outdoors, .A more faithful animal you would never find. Thanks again for such a great friend.
Yours Truly,
Garfield Hilchey, Dartmouth, N S.
P.S, Pat is seven years old.


Double “R” Rioghnachs


I am Rioghnachs adopted mother Samantha. (pronounced REE-O-NAH) We call her Rio for short and she answers well to both. She is a very playfull doggy, but she will not leave the other dogs and cats alone I will admit: Her parents are Double R Bud, and Jill. She is a smooth coat so has short hair. She is extremely sweet natured. She is very inquisitive in the house and yard, but doesn’t like to venture out of her own territory much. She is quite nervous around others when she isn’t in farmilliar surroundings. An early on accident on our hardwood floor led to many trips to the vet, so she is now a favourite there. She loves hugs and kisses, and will sit with us on the couch when we watch a movie. She barks at strange sounds coming from the TV which is quite amusing I have to say although we learned a little while ago that her bark is much bigger than she is herself. It startled us quite a bit. But we now know that we have at least one reliable watch dog. She will fetch bones, sticks and balls in the yard, and goes crazy running around. She beats our other 3 dogs running most of the time, except perhaps our whippet. She is an all around amazing dog, and is perfect for me. We live on a spacious property in Porters Lake Nova Scotia. Sincerely Samantha Findlay

Double “R” Gus

Hi Roy: It will be one year this Christmas day 2005 that our Gus came into our lives. He was so chubby and cute, my daughter took him home then we all went to my mom and dads for christmas supper. He of course was the main attraction that day and has been ever since.
We visit there often. No need to put a leash on him. He jumps out of the car and goes straight to the door. He also plays chase with their Shitzshu. Funny to watch as Gussy is so agile and Buff has little short legs.
He never leaves our yard. He loves our cats. Our main coon kitty is a month older than Gus. The two of them play chase and pull and chew on each other.
Gussy knows exactly what time his dad will be home. He sits at the top of the steps waiting for his car. They play frizby every evening. It is the most amazing thing to watch. People are amazed,cant believe their eyes.His jumps,fast moves,spins,commands. We have seen it on TV but never thought we would have it in our back yard.
Merry Christmas
Cathy David and Gus Kennedy

Double “R” Bill

My name is Glenna Reichert. I was born and raised in Westville, NS. went to Calgary AB. to chase my dreams of working with horses and found a greater love in working herding dogs. Upon my return home, in the year 1999 to Nova Scotia with my new found love; my first goal was to find people who also shared in this. That is when I found Roy. He helped me to train an Australian Shephard I was working on and sold me my first Border Collie Bill (parents Scottie and Chase) The moment I saw Bill I fell in love. He has proven to be everything I wanted and more. Bill and I live in Morden Manitoba where we work in a 3000 head feedlot He helps me pull sick calves from pens of Cattle, and loads Cattle on trucks. Along with these great talents he plays with my two young children so gently I have no worries when he is out in the yard with them. I cant imagine life without Bill he is my coworker,companion and friend. I recently purchased a new puppie from Roy Kaley is her name (parents Maggie and Roger) She is showing signs of being a great cattle dog, she is easy to handle and learns well. Roy treats his dogs with great kindness and has a special bond with them. He has some different and great ideas on training working Dogs. I am very privileged and honored that he has taken the time to show me his training techniques. Roy and his Double R dogs are both very exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone interested in owning a dog as a playmate, worker, companion, or just to have there as a friend. Thank you for everything Roy. You are one of few great mentors who have touched my life.

Double “R” Clancy

Clancy was a 2002 pup from Roger and Tammy.He is an absolutely amazing dog!! Although when we first got him we almost gave him away the first week, as we were not used to dogs and he was quite a handfull,but we are so glad that we didn`t . I took him to obedience classes and we completed every level two sessions in open, which he flew through all levels with flying colours. I started doing agility a couple of years ago with him, which he loves, and has recieved Top Dog at Masters Agility in Moncton two years in a row, judges choice in Saint John this summer and has received his ADC. We hope to some day compete at the national level, and will compete at the Regionals in Fredericton this year to see if we qualify. Clancy has also completed the CKC Canine good neighbour program and has recieved his certificate in that as well. Everyone in our neighborhood knows Clancy,,, He`s just a great Dog. Daphne Waye/Paul Baker.

Double “R” Sasha

My dog Sasha is two years old. She is a great pet and companion. She is very playful but also very obedient. She can do all kinds of tricks, and she loves to go to the beach. I can’t imagine life without her. Rhonda Leach: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Double “R” Fern

My dog Fern is a great family pet. Her father is Double “R” Scottie. She is highly trainable and has a friendly disposition. She is currently being trained for tracking, and is doing very well. Fern enjoys long walks and thoroughly enjoys swimming. Even though Fern is very atheletic, she is a calm, quiet indoor dog. Howard West: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Double “R” Rose

Rose thinks she is in charge of the household of our Parkers Cove home. Now just over 1.5 years old, she is truly a joy to have with us. Active when she is outside with us in the fields and woods, mellow by the fireplace indoors. She is great with kids and has travelled well with us as far south as South Carolina.

Double “R” Hemp

I must say one thing about the breed, they herd anything from a cat to a mop. Even if you are carrying a stick, they have to herd it too!!!! There’s not a day that goes by without Hemp herding something. But Hemp’s favorite thing to do besides herding is to play ball! I really enjoy having Hemp around, he is the funniest dog I have ever owned, and I would own another border collie again. They are smart, herding all the time, friendly, and love to be around you.

Double “R” Cinna

Its hard to believe its been almost 6 months since we bought Cinna home. She has bought so much joy to our life. She adapted very nicely to our busy lifestyles and had no trouble settling in. Cinna is so smart. Within a week she was already doing simple tricks on command. She breezed through her obedience training and listens very well. Her training is ongoing and she learns more each day. She loves to cuddle,play, run and go for walks. Cinna can spend hours playing fetch. She is getting very good with the frisbee too. She loves her daily visits to the dog park. At the park she excels on the ramps and through the hoops, so this Spring we are going to start her up in Agility training. Cinna is a very social little puppy ; loving all humans and other dogs. It is a pleasure to come home to her:) She had a wonderful personality and an excellent temperament. There is not a day goes by she don’t make us laugh, doing the cutest, silliest things. At 7 months old, she is just as beautiful as the day we bought her home. She’s our girl!!
Roy, thank you so much for giving us Cinna!

Double “R” Belle

This is Belle,our familys pride,joy and great scource of entertainment. Belle is now six years old and a daughter of Chase and Scottie. It has been a wonderful six years. She is a dog of exceptional temperament,personality,agility and heart. Her favorite activities include continually trying to make friends with our sour old (but well loved )cat Hannah,going for walks and swimming in the Mira River in Cape Breton,and of course jumping in the air for frizzbees.
Belle is a very personable dog,she loves people,and she is very much a best friend. Her transition to our home was very smooth. As a puppy she was very hyper but would always sit on command.
I feel so lucky that when looking for a Border Collie breeder we came across Roy`s number in the newspaper. Going out to his place,and seeing his dogs in action was a very special introduction to his dogs,and set the tone for family`s great relationship with Belle. She is a true pleasure.
The Morrison`s
Horne`s Road, Mira .

Double “R” Sally

Sally, daughter of Roy’s dogs Roger and Tammy, born June 2002. She’s a brave, hardworking, persistent and responsible dog, who likes nothing better than racing through woods and up and down cliffs, swimming, and retrieving. She’d search for ever for a missing ball if not told “That’ll do”. Dock diving is her favorite sport, but she flunked out of Agility: the early stages were too slow and repetitive for her and she was bored to sobs. With a good trainer she’d make a wonderful sheepdog or search and rescue dog and we wish we could work her properly. However, her real job is to entertain us, our children and grandchildren and she does that superbly. She loves people and has a huge number of friends. Unfortunately her tomboy nature means she gets injured from time to time so she’s also God’s gift to the veterinary profession.

Double “R” Minnie

Minnie – A Border Collie with Heart. I first met and fell in love with Minnie when she was maybe 6 weeks old. At the time I did not imagine that within 7 months this diminutive bundle of joy, brilliance, focus and absolute beauty would be in my life. Getting her away from Roy was no small feat – but he finally gave in – after I assured him her life would be nothing but training, work, play and adoration. Minnie is small as border collies generally go, about 30 lbs at 15 months – her age as of January 2004. Minnie is the Happiest and Smartest border collie I have ever known. There appears to be nothing she can’t learn and learn quickly. Among other things Minnie sails for the Frisbee, gives High Fives, is a Flyball Star in training, has completed Beginner Agility with flying colours, is training herself (with minimal assistance from me) for world class soccer, teases Storm (her much older Step-Brother and fierce protecter) just for the fun of getting him to chase her, is learning to use the computer and change light bulbs, has applied for her beginner’s driver’s license, runs like the wind purely for the love of it, and well so much more I can’t even remember the half of it. I could go on and on – but let me end by saying that Minnie is the best thing that has happened to my life in a very long time. And for that I offer many daily thanks – to Minnie and of course Double R Border Collies. Maureen Shebib from Antigonish

Double “R” Frizbee

From our youngest Border Collie owner
Hi, I thought you would want to hear about how me and Frizzbee doing. Over the months past , Frizzbee learned sit, down, paw and in. We got a new kennel for frizzbee at christmas and he also got toys my papa gave to me like dog toys for frizz in is for in his kennel.
Frizzbee fits in so well for our family. He learned to walk properly but somtimes he will not listen. I am working on teaching him most of the commands before he goes in obedince. He will be going in agility classes for jumping, learning, having fun and those sort of things. He and other dogs get along. He has made a friend , Riley, they are both boys and have a lot of fun together.
I really thank you and my mom for him, he is so beautiful and strong. In the winter, well he loves winter. He is very big and can pull one person at a time but only pulls if I run too. He follows me around the house sometimes. When he sleeps he is very cute!!!! He sticks out his tongue !! I love him very much and I would never sell him no matter what.

Double “R” Ben

I went to visit Double R Border Collies in Aug. 2006. Maggie had just had a litter of pups with Scottie, they were about 3 weeks old. I picked Ben that day, or should I say he picked me? He came over to me when I spoke. I know then that he was coming home with me, and he did on Sept. the 9th, 2006. That was the best day of my life.
Ben is now 9 months old and he is my best friend. We play all kinds of games together, and we are also attending obedience classes, he is the class clown but he is very intelligent. When the day is done I fall asleep with him laying on my feet at the end of my bed.
Rebecca Schrader,

Double “R” Ruger

Double R Ruger is now 10 months,He has mastered quite a few tricks. He can jump threw hoops like you showed us with Otis, He can wave Hello and Goodbye and wrap his paws around you and give you a big hug. He loves to play ball, that has to be his favorite past time. He is spoiled rotten and is our pride and joy. He loves going for runs in the fields and drives. Everyone that comes visits us just loves him.He is such a people friendly dog, He even has visitors that bring him treats everytime. Ruger thinks he is a lap dog, he loves to cuddle. That is the first thing we have to do when I get off work. He is an amazing dog that we Love to death and is Perfect for us. We Thank You again and Hope all is well !
Nicole Perry/Robbie Dodge and Ruger Onslow / Nova Scotia

Double “R” Barbie

We bought Barbie from Double “R” Border Collies in August of 2003 and what a wonderful dog! Her dad is Double “R” Scottie and her mom is Tammy and she was born on June 16th, 2003. When we first brought her home she just found a corner to curl up in and went to sleep. We had already bought the proper food and chew toys and knew which ones to get from our conversations with Roy. At 6 months she is starting to grow her long coat and has surpassed her mom in height. Having previously owned a border collie, I knew when I brought Barbie home that I was going to have my hands full. She is very intelligent, quick to learn and non-aggressive, but she does like to test authority (as do all creatures). She has mastered the commands “sit” and “down” and is just starting to understand what “stay” means. House training is going very well now that we “kennel” her at night. Barbie bonded with me since day one and when I get home from work, she does not let me out of her sight. She loves to lie nearby so she can watch what I am doing. Once I sit down she will either curl up beside me or she will stretch out at my feet while I work at my computer. She gets along well with our other animals (cats, terriers) and is very good with the children, in particular my 3 year old son. I often find her washing his face and cuddling him on the couch. I found Double “R” Border Collies to be a clean and well maintained farm and Roy was very helpful in the selection of our puppy. Roy answered any questions or concerns in a quick and timely manner. He takes good care of his puppies which included vet check-ups. I would recommend Double “R” Border Collies to anyone thinking of owning a border collie. I would love to answer any questions by email at mpollock@arthritis.ca.