May 3, 2022

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Welcome Everyone!

We have puppies!

We are pleased to announce that Dawg and Carla had a nice litter of 6 puppies.

These little guys are micro-chipped. They will have all their shots and  will be ready to come to your place around May 9th.

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Double R Brodie

A message from John McNeil, Double R sheep dog owner, trainer and friend of Roy Robinson

Covid relaxed it’s hold on us a little bit this year and I had the good fortune of getting the dogs up to Nova Scotia in late summer.

I ran Lili at Hilfern Farm in Onslow in November. We had a wonderful time and managed to place in the winners circle. It was first time that I actually handled Lili in the ring. She knew far more about sheep herding than I ever will but she accepted me as the “leader”.

Unfortunately Brodie had a date with Greenwood Animal Hospital for um… “glandular removal” that week and could not make the meet. Next year though, we will work together in the ring!

We met lots of nice people. Fred and Anne Hamilton, Hillary Flower, Ashley Croker and others. They are all excellent sheep dog handlers and I encourage you to contact them to see what your pup can do in a farm setting with real live sheep. It is a lot of fun and you will not regret it.

Lili and Brodie continue their training in Fort Myers, Florida with Cathie Rogalski. We went to Ottsville, Pennsylvania a couple of times to work sheep with Karen Malloy.  We  got to work at Sherry Lee’s Linden Hollow Sheep farm in St Cloud, FL.

Also I had the good fortune of meeting Ashley Croker who has a small sheep farm in Harmony (Greenwood), NS and we trained there several times this summer and fall.

Both pups continue advancing their skill set and now I am beginning to take a role in handling sheep with them.

We hope to see some of the Double R pups at one of the sheep events one day. Please look us up.

Until next time, God bless all, stay happy and safe.

John McNeil – john at jkmcneil dot com

Lili has earned in her AKC Herding Championship title A Course Sheep and Ducks.  This pup has natural herding instinct brought out by Karen Malloy, Shepherds’ Inn Bed and Biscuit -PA.  Lili competes at the Championship level in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.  We are looking forward to competing in Nova Scotia soon.


Welcome to Double “R” Border Collies! 

Are you interested in a Double “R” Dog? Here are some things you should know.

Border Collies are a highly intelligent and talented breed. It is important that you have the knowledge to provide for your new dog’s needs. Border collies are a working dog that originated in the borderlands of Scotland and England, hence the name. They are bred to have the stamina and strength to spend the entire day working with the shepherd in the mountains in the adverse weather that is typical to the region. Today, border collies excel at many activities including herding, agility, flyball, search & rescue, tracking, tricks and obedience,  frisbee and much more. They are considered a high energy breed and require a minimum of 1 hour of intense exercise per day. If your dog is adequately exercised they will be happy to relax with you when you aren’t out and about, but if they are not exercised properly they will make up their own entertainment. They thrive on being mentally simulated and welcome challenges that involve problem solving. Learning new things is a joy for border collies. There are individuals that have been known to recognize and understand over 1000 words and commands.

If you believe that a border collie is right for you then feel free to explore the rest of this website, visit the puppy page and contact Roy to arrange a visit to the farm.

Looking forward to hearing from you!