October 11, 2019

Nada and Diesel are expecting October 28, 2019. These puppies will be ready to come to your place in time for Christmas.

Call me now to arrange to get your new bestie!


This will be the last litter for this year.

Just thought you would like to know thatLynn’s kids (born September 2nd) have all gone to their new homes.  

Welcome to Double “R” Border Collies! 

Are you interested in a Double “R” Dog? Here are some things you should know.

Border Collies are a highly intelligent and talented breed. It is important that you have the knowledge to provide for your new dog’s needs. Border collies are a working dog that originated in the borderlands of Scotland and England, hence the name. They are bred to have the stamina and strength to spend the entire day working with the shepherd in the mountains in the adverse weather that is typical to the region. Today, border collies excel at many activities including herding, agility, flyball, search & rescue, tracking, tricks and obedience,  frisbee and much more. They are considered a high energy breed and require a minimum of 1 hour of intense exercise per day. If your dog is adequately exercised they will be happy to relax with you when you aren’t out and about, but if they are not exercised properly they will make up their own entertainment. They thrive on being mentally simulated and welcome challenges that involve problem solving. Learning new things is a joy for border collies. There are individuals that have been known to recognize and understand over 1000 words and commands.

If you believe that a border collie is right for you then feel free to explore the rest of this website, visit the puppy page and contact Roy to arrange a visit to the farm.

Looking forward to hearing from you!