Helpful Links

Here are a few links that could be helpful in answering some of the questions you may have about the Border Collie and organizations affiliated with them.

One of our pups Double “R” Liliana HXAsd received excellent herding training from Karen Malloy at Shepherd’s Inn Bed & Biscuit. Located in Toms River NJ, this is Lili’s home away from home during trial season in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Lili is currently working on her Championship Title in Herding.

A crash tested crate, tested and approved according to SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test) by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden)

Double “R” Liliana HXAsd and Double “R” Brodie travel securely and safely to and from herding trials in the US.

Click through to learn more about the organization through which your Double “R” dog will be registered.  The CBCA is widely recognized as the border collie breed’s registry in Canada.

A list of breeds and breeders of those breeds in Canada and some US states.

An article written about the Border Collie. The author’s writes about their experience and knowledge of what the breed is today and how it has changed from it’s role in the past.

This link may be helpful if you are thinking about becoming involved with your dog in the sport of flyball. Flyball is a fast-paced team relay sport that border collies are know to excel in. Click through to learn more.

A large directory of dog lovers! View ads with pictures of puppies and dogs for sale.

The USBCHA is the sanctioning body for sheep and cattledog trials trials throughout the United States and Canada. Click through to learn more